Friday, October 23, 2020

Amazing Writing Tool: The Author's Checklist

    In 2012, I attended the 2-day Chuckanut Writers Conference, which was my first writers conference. Sherman Alexie was the featured speaker and there were multiple classes available as well as the option to sign up for pitches. On the first day, I attended an incredible Marketing class and a class about story structure. On the second day, I had 3 pitches with agents I hoped would hear something they liked. 

    Each pitch went better than I expected - a big deal since I had no idea what to expect. However, one agent stood out the most: Elizabeth Kracht. She was warm, engaging, and immediately put me at ease - something that meant the world to me since she was my first pitch. She loved my pitch, she wanted to know more, and from that moment on I knew this person was going to be a part of my publishing journey. I didn't know what role she might play, but like most newbie writers I hoped she'd offer representation. 

    Over the last eight years, Elizabeth Kracht has been a mentor, a sounding board, a guide, a friend, and more often than not a light shining during many of the dark days I've traveled on the publication road. I have learned so much from her as a writer, as an intern, and even as a short-time assistant. Her advice has been invaluable, and my writing has only gotten better over the years in part because of the many pearls of wisdom she has shared. 

    Now, in 2020, Elizabeth Kracht is sharing her writing and publishing insights with the world. The Author's Checklist is her new book and it is an awesome guide to not only developing your manuscript, but also editing your novel into the masterpiece it's meant to be. I highly recommend picking up a copy, especially because it will blow your mind all the awesome goodies she shares from an agent's perspective that will help you in your publishing journey as much as it has helped me. 


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